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Assertiveness Training
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Say what you mean, professionally and directly

Assertiveness for PR

Training Overview

Become more effective at work by building confidence and credibility in the way you deal with people.

Replace "I wish I had said something" with "I'm glad I got that sorted out".

Even experienced account handlers can encounter a situation or person who undermines their performance. Rather than becoming passive or aggressive, allow your natural skills to shine by understanding how to remain professional, responsive and assertive no matter what situation you come up against.

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How will I benefit?

After the course you'll be able to isolate exactly what stops you being assertive in tricky circumstances and know how to prepare in advance so that you get better outcomes.

You will feel more confident when dealing with your clients, managers and peers because you'll understand what's happening when the communication goes off track and you'll have the tools for getting it right.

You will learn how and when to say 'no' without compromising on client service or feeling guilty. Saying what you mean, professionally and directly, will start to become second nature, freeing you from anxiety and enabling you to focus on results and successful working relationships.

What will I learn?

Insights into your current behaviour
How to get the best out of other people
Techniques for appearing more confident
How to say what you mean and still be a nice person!
How to say 'no' without feeling guilty
Assertiveness techniques and how to use them
How to recognise and tackle manipulative behaviour

Who should attend?

Account managers, executives and directors who want to learn an alternative to aggressive or submissive behaviour. This course has been as useful to partners in large agencies who've needed to 'tone down' their communication style as it has been to account execs who've been told they need to 'push back' more.

What else do I need to know?

You'll benefit from a small group so that you have ample opportunity to discuss real-life situations and practise new techniques.

Sounds good! How do I book?

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