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Training Overview

Make a noticeable difference to your effectiveness with this essential management course designed to fit the needs of account managers and directors in the PR industry. You'll learn how to manage and motivate your teams so that they are inspired to produce their best work, leading to greater client satisfaction. This practical course will also give you the tools to head off issues before they become difficult to deal with so that you can spend more time on the work you enjoy.

There's an emphasis on developing as a leader others want to follow, so that your staff are also engaged with the needs of the agency and understand what they can do to develop their own roles.

Management and Leadership Training for PR Account Managers

How will I benefit?

You will understand how to break down situations so that you come up with solutions that work consistently. This will give you confidence that you have the tools to handle whatever management circumstances come your way. You'll be able to tackle situations before they become problems so that you free yourself from time-consuming and energy-sapping activities.

You will benchmark your current management style and identify ways to become more effective as well as isolate what you're already doing that is helpful so that you can do more of it.

The course is highly interactive, so you will have every opportunity to work on your own real-life scenarios and to practise what you do and say. This means that you'll immediately be able to apply what you've learned and, because the course is structured to include at least two weeks between sessions, you'll be able to try out new techniques in the office and then discuss the actual results so that you can fine tune what you do and really get the most out of the course.

What will I learn?

Motivate people every day in a demanding environment
How to delegate effectively so that work gets done
Coaching your team to improve their skills
Delivering feedback that gets results
Make good work get better and change unwanted behaviour
Deal with conflict and difficult situations successfully
Identify your existing personal leadership style
Hone your skills and remove obstacles to success

Who should attend?

PR account managers, senior account managers and account directors

What else do I need to know?

This is an intense course split over one and a half days. At the end of the first day you will plan exactly what you will do to apply what you've learned; at the second session, held at least two weeks later, you will examine what worked and what you want to change. Both sessions will cover the different aspects of management and leadership as outlined above.

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