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Training Overview

Get up to speed with the business uses of social media, gain positive coverage on various platforms for your clients and handle a PR crisis successfully using social networks.

Consumer behaviour has changed dramatically in recent years. People now listen to others before making a purchase and kick up a storm on Facebook and/or Twitter if things go wrong. With organisations increasingly coming to PR consultants for advice on how to use social networks to get their message across, this course provides you with insight into how organisations large and small are using social media for marketing, selling and customer service, as well as for hiring new staff and encouraging internal collaboration. It shows you how social media has changed public relations itself, and helps you respond positively to the new environment.

Understanding Social Media Training for PR Professionals

How will I benefit?

You'll be given real world case studies of how some organisations have benefited from a savvy use of social media, and how others have tripped up by failing to pay attention. You'll understand the value of each of the various social media networks and what advantages each offers. You'll be equipped to support to any client who has yet to develop a presence in this crucial area, including the ability to participate in online conversations, and you'll undertake low-cost initiatives that can gain valuable exposure for your clients. At the end of the course you'll be able to talk convincingly to any clients who are sceptical about the merits of social media and advise them of the next steps.

What will I learn?

How to gain publicity by using social networks
How to manage a PR crisis on social networks
How to advise a client lacking a social media presence
How to use LinkedIn and Facebook for recruiting new staff
How to slash internal email and aid employee collaboration

Who should attend?

PR professionals with clients, or prospective clients, in need of social media expertise, as well as those wanting to improve their clients' social media presence.

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