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20 minute vocal workshop for up to 10 people

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Our voices are one of the most powerful communication tools we possess. Yet few of us give them a second thought. That's why we're offering you a 20 minute vocal workshop in your office for the price of a train ticket. (Throw in a Danish pastry and we'll stretch it to 30 minutes).

Using techniques from business, theatre and working with deaf and hard-of-hearing people, Lorraine Forrest-Turner will come to your office and show you how to make more impact on the telephone, in meetings, at events and when presenting.

Maximising your Voice - Training for PR Professionals

Is it really free?


If you represent a PR agency in London or the South East or within reasonable travelling distance, you only need to cover the cost of Lorraine's travel expenses and provide a room for up to ten delegates.

Apart from that, there are no strings attached. You don't have to commit to any other training - our way of giving you a taste of what Big Fish Training can do to make a real difference to your working life.

Apply now and we'll contact you to discuss where and when.

We reserve the right not to offer the Maximising Your Voice training to unsuitable applicants or in cases where a mutually convenient time and place cannot be agreed.

What will I learn?

Warming up to improve diction
Using tongue twisters to get 'brain and mouth' in gear
Projecting the voice without shouting
Using pitch variation to break monotony
Slowing down to minimise rambling and increase power
Dealing with poor acoustics
Using the voice to deal with difficult situations
Voice matching to build rapport with people

Who should attend?

PR professionals PR agency in London or the South East who would value a taste of Big Fish Training has to offer.

Sounds good! How do I book?

Call Nick: 0777 625 8366

Call Emma: 0118 958 7095

Email: info@bigfishtraining.com

Contact us: using the form below

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