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Time Management Training
for PR Consultants

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time management for PR

Training Overview

Gain tools and strategies for managing your day and make sure that important tasks are always completed on time through this intensive four hour training session. You will leave the course with confidence that you will be able to manage your workload without inadvertently dropping tasks. What's more, better time management skills will enable you to more effectively manage expectations both internally and externally.

Specially designed for people in a PR agency, you'll learn about time management in a practical way that directly relates to your work so that you can apply it as soon as you get back to your desk.

Time Management Training for PR Consultants

How will I benefit?

The course works because it doesn't try to force you into working in a particular way but enables you to make changes to the current way you work so that it feels instinctive and is more likely to become second nature, particularly as those changes will show significant benefits very quickly.

It's suitable for those wanting to learn about handling a diverse workload with a mix of short and medium-term demands. During the course, you will identify your current skills and pinpoint areas for improvement that will make the biggest difference to your productivity.

What will I learn?

Effective task collection - nothing is forgotten
Task management so that deadlines are hit
Prioritisation - get important work scheduled
Daily and weekly planning - good practice
Getting projects and long-lead-time activities completed
Focus - working effectively without distraction
Tips from the front line to make every day easier

Who should attend?

PR account executives and managers; anyone working in PR who wants to become more productive and feel more in control.

What else do I need to know?

We'll conduct a briefing before the course, to gather detailed information from each delegate. This means that the course focuses at all times on the relevance of a particular tactic or strategy for each delegate. It also means we come in with a structured agenda but we'll add in other things or move to a different focus if it turns out that the group needs something different.

Sounds good! How do I book?

Call Emma: 0118 958 7095

Email: info@bigfishtraining.com

Contact us: using the form below

Time Management Training for PR Consultants: what delegates say...

amazing enthusiasm

Great trainer, amazing enthusiasm, well explained. I knew I had to work on my time management so these tips were perfect

Super useful

Super useful, has taught me how to manage my time effectively

really important

It's made me re-think my approach – really important course.


So relevant – great trainer.

tips and tricks

Great tips and tricks, extremely useful and educational that I will benefit from.

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