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Advanced Presentation Skills for PR

Training Overview

Engage audiences, sell in proposals and win more new business pitches by becoming a captivating and effective presenter.

Being able to deliver presentations effectively is an absolute must for senior PR executives but while many produce good content their delivery skills let them down and their strong messages are immediately lost or diluted. This highly interactive course focusses primarily on delivery, giving you the techniques, feedback, practice and confidence to command attention, deliver the right messages and be more successful in your outcomes.

Advanced Presentation Skills for PR Professionals

How will I benefit?

No hours of boring theory on this course, or any Big Fish course for that matter. You learn from doing. Working on a presentation you bring with you, you get the opportunity to try new techniques in a safe environment, and receive useful feedback.

With a background that covers over 20 years in the PR industry married with extensive experience in the performing arts, your trainer can give you practical insights into presenting that you can't get anywhere else. You'll see for yourself how altering your body language and vocal projection can totally transform your delivery. You'll learn techniques that ensure that the audience is looking where you want them to look. And you'll discover how to deal with nerves and anxiety, and how to feel more confident, even when presenting someone else's material.

What will I learn?

Tips and techniques for making presentations more powerful
The importance of focussing on objectives and messages
How to use vocal exercises to make your voice more effective
How body language can strengthen (or weaken) the message
How to use visual aids to their best effect
The importance of pause and how to master it
How to connect with the audience
The difference between scanning and making eye contact
How to stop umming, erring and other distracting bad habits
How to become your own critic
Pull your audience in, not push your message out

Who should attend?

PR professionals who are already making regular presentations and who want to master the art of public speaking and presenting.

What else do I need to know?

You'll need to bring with you a 5-10 minute presentation to deliver to the group. You'll work on the presentation during the course and have the chance to fine-tune and enhance it. Be prepared to present in front of other delegates, and critique both your and other delegates' presentations. Please note; this course is for experienced presenters who want to hone their skills. Less experienced presenters might want to consider Presentation Skills for PR Professionals.

Sounds good! How do I book?

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