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Training Overview

Start as you mean to go on by incorporating great management techniques into your daily life.

As a relatively new manager, or someone about to be promoted, it is essential to build a solid foundation of management skills that will deliver benefits from day one rather than make costly mistakes. Knowing that you can depend on yourself to do the right thing will give you the confidence to manage your team effectively and help your staff to develop.

Becoming a Manager - Management Training for PR Professionals

How Will I Benefit?

You'll understand what it takes to be a good manager and be able to apply it to everything you do.

The people around you will feel able to depend on you and will be clear on what they need to do. You will be confident that you'll be able to delegate work that gets done to the right standards and that you know what to say and do if expectations - or deadlines - are not met.

People management can be experienced as stressful or rewarding: this course will give you the underlying principles to steer clear from headaches and allow you to experience the satisfaction of managing people in ways that help you get results whilst retaining your personality and motivating the team around you.

What will I learn?

How to manage people in a way that suits you and them
Consistency and motivation
How to delegate effectively so that work gets done
Delivering feedback that gets results
Make good work better and change unwanted behaviour
Developing your own management skills
Fitting management tasks into a busy agency day

Who should attend?

PR Account managers who've never had management training, newly appointed PR account managers and senior PR account executives who are getting ready for promotion.

What else do I need to know?

This is a day built around your specific needs. We understand what it's like to work in a busy PR team, balancing the twin demands of getting results for clients whilst keeping your team productive and motivated. The course is designed to incorporate your issues in a small group format which will allow you to discuss ways to manage which are appropriate for your style and your environment so that you can apply them straight away.

Sounds good! How do I book?

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Email: info@bigfishtraining.com

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